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Lewes Neighbourhood Plan



Landowners, developers, businesses and local interest groups are invited to identify and make known any potential development sites or locations within Lewes. All sites put forward will be considered by the Steering Group.


Feedback from our engagement with the community so far has supported the concept of small pockets of high quality housing being preferable to large sites solely for housing. The Steering Group is particularly interested in sites which are within walking distance to key services and which can contribute to the viability of bus services.


Preparation of the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan is underpinned by an ecosystem approach. This means the plan-making process considers the impact of any development on the surrounding environment as well as the benefits derived from the natural resources inherent in the landscape.We would like the following information for any potential development sites:


1. Site Details:

  • Geographic location shown on an Ordinance Survey map where possible

  • Site boundary

  • Current use of site


2. Suggested, potential type of development e.g.

  • Housing – by different tenures, types and servicing needs of different groups such as older people, young families and people wishing to build their own homes

  • Economic & Cultural Uses – tourism, retail, leisure, cultural, office, warehousing, workshops etc.


3. The scale of any proposed development;


4. Known and anticipated constraints to development;


5. Name, and full contact details relevant to the proposing Landowner, Developer, Business, Local interest group or other interested party;


6. Any other additional information which might be useful to LNP Steering Group in relation to identifying sites and locations for potential development within Lewes.


Please send all relevant details, preferably in electronic form by email to TownClerk@lewes-tc.gov.uk or by post to:


Lewes Town Council

Town Hall

High Street


East Sussex BN7 2QS.