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Lewes Neighbourhood Plan


LATEST NEWS : 23rd September 2016


The Lewes Neighbourhood Plan is in the final stages of completion prior to the statutory six-week public consultation period. Representatives of many local organisations have been contributing to this process through a Steering Group working as adviser to Lewes Town Council.


In the run-up to the statutory six-week public consultation period the Steering Group is still encouraging further organisations to contribute to discussions, and is seeking to widen public awareness of the process and the resulting Lewes Neighbourhood Plan and it is hoped that as many people who live, work or visit Lewes will attend a two-day public event in the Town Hall and also take the opportunity to make comments online.


Dates and contact details will be announced here and in the local media once finalised. Please revisit this site again soon.




After the public consultation events in October and November 2015 our planning advisors (Feria Urbanism) presented the results to the Steering Group. The group is divided into topic groups according to different concerns and expertise. These topic groups have worked on these results and prepared a preliminary draft on our topics, which our consultants shaped into the first draft of the plan.


We are now refining the draft which will be presented at the next stage of public consultation. The Steering Group members are not experts in planning and as this work will need to produce a technical planning document we have appointed advisors who will ensure that what the people of Lewes want in their plan is presented in a way that will satisfy the regulations and make clear to developers working here what the people of the town expect from them.

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